Thoughts on the Women's March...

Let us build bridges not walls...

As soon as I read there was to be a "Million Women's March" I knew I had to somehow make my way to Washington D.C. It was an incredible day. Here is a short excerpt retelling my personal experience. All photos are by @kayladavidphotography.

"I traveled to Washington D.C. this weekend from Jersey City, with my dear friend/ photographer Kayla and my drummer Zach's partner, Becca. It was the perfect group of girls in my opinion, to travel with. We are all pretty laid back and all felt passionate about the cause. Kayla works in the hotel industry, so she was able to book us a room Friday and Saturday night for a very affordable price. And Becca is a comedian. Every road trip needs a comedian. I drove that little red car... we stayed outside of Baltimore on Friday night and then about an hour train ride from D.C. in Maryland. Our friend Hannah even donated $30 for gas money to support the cause as she is on the road with the Dirty Dancing Tour. Thanks Hannah!

"Every road trip needs a comedian..."

There was such an amazing energy in the air that day... everyone was smiling and welcoming and polite and talking to each other. More than half a million people were there in D.C. ... a sea of bodies as far as the eye could see. The streets were packed like sardines... you would turn a corner and the next street was just as filled as the last. I was impressed by all of the older woman there...Moms passed on traditions... People brought their babies and small children in strollers and Dads carried little ones on their shoulders. Old friends reunited for the cause. My sister was there (somewhere).. she rented a van to travel down from Detroit with a big group of her friends. Unfortunately, we never were able to find each other. But I felt her there!

"There was such an amazing energy in the air that day... "

There were all sorts of signs... I've noticed some people saying it was anti-Trump rally... but it really was Pro-Women's rights first and foremost. Protecting the progress. Protecting Mother Earth. Protecting Respect. I am so grateful that I got to experience the day. It made me have hope for this country... it made me proud to be an American. Over half a million people in Washington D.C. and there apparently wasn't one arrest that day. People were nothing but respectful, loving, and kind. It was absolutely overwhelming at times inside the crowd... it took a lot of trust for all of us to be there. I loved seeing all of the police smiling as well. All of the cops and firefighters we saw were generally joyful.

"It took a lot of trust for all of us to be there..."

We got stuck between two large screens facing the opposite way before the march, so unfortunately we could not hear the speeches... but standing with all those people waiting in anticipation was an experience in itself. And then we were finally let go. We finally could march and everyone was smiling ear to ear.. chanting, looking at each other with kindness and excitement, walking the streets of the capitol!

"We finally could march and everyone was smiling ear to ear..."

Agh. Tearing up thinking about how special the day was! We landed on the grass nearby the Washington monument and found a bathroom to use (Everyone lined up so pleasantly waiting for those porta-potties!)

We took deep breaths of appreciation to have personal space again (and empty bladders)... and took in the atmosphere in front of the White House.

When you quieted yourself and listened, there was this beautiful, joyous, deep roar of voices reverberating off the capitol's stone buildings and all of the concrete. I won't ever forget that powerful sound."

Love and light,

Tiffany and DD White

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