Top 5 MOST IMPORTANT Items Needed For a Touring Bassist + more

Hi everyone! It’s me, Chris the bassist! ------------->

This is my first blog entry...well, ever. …… I just got home from spending three weeks touring the Midwest and more with a show called Shades of Bublé. It was a very positive experience overall, and I thought I would share what I deem the “Top 5 Most Important Items Needed For a Touring Bassist”. Cool? Cool, here we go!


Top 5 MOST IMPORTANT Items Needed For a Touring Bassist.

by Chris Agar

5) A copy of the book “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” by Shunryū Suzuki

  • Reason? You’re gonna need to get your “zen” on when the flight attendant at the “puddle-jumper” plane insists on putting your soulmate underneath with the rest of the luggage… (soulmate = bass)

4) An aux cable (⅛”).

  • Reason? If you’re touring via highways, and you have to listen to local radio stations in the Dust Bowl, you will only hear static.

3) Hiking boots or shoes-you-don’t-care-about

  • Reason? If you’ve been stuck in a bus/van for nearly 9 hours straight, you should probably find the nearest natural landmark and explore! (also, see item #5)

2) Laundry detergent

  • Reason? You will become best friends with literally EVERYONE on the tour

and the number 1 MOST IMPORTANT item needed for a touring bass player is.....

1) A bottle opener key chain and a photo ID.

Reason? Self-evident.


Chris' Tour Travelogue

I am so very grateful and fortunate to be doing what I love for a living, truly. And I can’t wait to film future journeys with DDWhite! Please enjoy this short video I made documenting my travels in more detail.

Peace and love,



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