Meeting Bradman

Bradman live at Global Citizen's Festival

DD White loves to collaborate with like-minded, talented technicians and artists and was lucky enough to get multi-talented artist TheRealBradman (Brad Geyer) to shoot their music video: An award winning writer / multi-instrumentalist / actor / slam poet / photographer / filmmaker. Check out our favorite Bradman performance "Lady Liberty: A Poem by Brad Geyer" his moving spoken word piece delivered via Global Citizen here.

We reeled busy Brad in long enough to answer some questions for us.

*How did you get connected with DD White?

I met Tim Basom while shooting his band “Micky” over the past couple years, and one particular night, I had bought a new camera and saw he was playing down the street at Gold Sounds with one of his bands that I wasn’t familiar with. I showed up and experienced my first DD White show and could tell immediately that I wanted to be involved with the band in some way.

*How would you describe DD White’s vibe?

Fun, unapologetically fun, honest and poignant but with an emphasis on having a good time, and that’s something that starts at their songwriting but is conveyed completely with their body language on stage, with Tiffany’s signature smirk and Collin’s enthusiatic gyrations.


"I...experienced my first DD White show and could tell immediately that I wanted to be involved with the band in some way."


Bradman, the Balloon Wall, Tim Basom and Zach Simao

*How/ when did you pursue an interest in film-making?

In middle school, me and my friends watched a lot of CKY and Tom Green and used to dedicate our lives to bloody knees, concussions and running from the cops in the name of a great skate video. It was my first introduction to things like framing, storyboarding, all night editing sessions. I produced TV in college and afterwards started The Street Noise Project, an ongoing documentary series inspired by La Blogotheque’s “Take Away Shows” where i put artists in cool spots in the urban wild and film what happens.

*How would you describe the Boots video?

DD White

*As a multi-talented/faceted artist yourself, how important is collaboration in your projects?

I struggle at working well with others, but with this group, it was so easy. We had such a similar vision, and I was able to hold my ground on the technical side of things while keeping an open mind to the things the band wanted to do creatively. There are so many ideas that Tiffany and the band had that never would have crossed my mind in a milion years, in terms of the shots, the performance and especially the editing, and the video is so much better off with their input than it would have been had I taken it all on myself.

*What tools and/or assets for independent artists nowadays would you deem most helpful in project creation and/or marketing “getting stuff out there”.

Hashtags? Ultra-rich friends and benefactors. Like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky sponsoring his friend to write a novel. That’s what you need. A Tom Cruise type.

*In a perfect world, what does your life as a creative look like?

Shirtless on a beach with a guitar and a cheeseburger.

*What’s your favorite memory as an artist/creative living in NYC so far?

Brad Geyer and Chris Agar on set

I was recently fortunate enough to be invited to perform at the Global Citizen Festival in Central Park, sharing a stage with Stevie Wonder, Green Day, The Killers and others. It was a great day and a wonderful way to spread my message as a spoken word artist and slam poet.

* Feel free to include any additional other quotes or comments here :)


and many thanks to Tom Rowley who helped with lighting.

@therealbradman on all social media

@Thestreetnoiseproject on all social media


Thanks to Bradman for playing such a big part in this process and sharing your time, talents, and artistic point of view. We all so enjoyed working with you and are looking forward to future collaborations.


DDWhite returns to Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2! Doors: 7:30pm Tickets: $10.00 Buy your tickets online now @ Charisma-packed, versatile, and fun, one can't help but be drawn in by the contagious energy of DDWhite. Catchy emotional hooks vibe with "in-your-face instrumentation" that invite listeners in on an exciting and intimate musical experience. Don't miss this female-fronted pop/rock outfit! DDWhite (Detroit / NYC) Sounds like: Elle King, Blondie, No Doubt

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