DD's October Playlist

What has DD White been listening to this month?

Check out our October playlist here to jam along!


"DD" Says-

Monster Mash- Bobby “Boris” Picket & The Crypt-Kickers

“Played this track incessently every October since I was a child. I mean those bgv’s are ON POINT. Brings back memories of when children actually trick or treated in my neighborhood. A favorite H’ween memory: When I was 15 I dressed like a wolf (mask ,claws and all) and hid in the bushes. I ran out growling every time a group of kids came. Probably scarred a few for life. Ahhh Halloween is fun!”

Woman- Kesha, The Dap-Kings Horns

”Kickass album with production credits from my highschool obsession Ben Folds. Kesha’s voice sounds incredible… the Dap-Kings bring those horns hard and the groove is real. This track is dripping in no-nonsense WOMAN POWER. Doesn’t need the profanity, but it is Kesha so I’ll let it go.”

Put a Spell On You- Annie Lennox

“Annie has had me since “Broken Glass”. This track pulls my heartstrings all year long but especially Halloween Month! ”

Agar Says-

Unraveling - Sallie Ford

“This retro rock record, Soul Sick, has got me dreaming about Gretsch guitars with big tremolo bars and and fun, big background vocals. I’m a sucker for major descending lines, and the chorus in ‘Unraveling’ delivers every time. I also love tunes that are named after a bridge lyric…”

The Punks Are Domesticated - Ron Gallo

“If Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison, and Scott Walker had a child, I would question reality. Ron Gallo’s record, HEAVY META, has a rawness that is often missing in today’s musical landscape. This track is a dedication to the softening effects of aging and a criticism of today’s musical and popular culture.”

Flashlight-Redux - Bill Laswell (ft. Bernie Worrell)

“Funk. Real funk. Real funky funk. To my knowledge, this is one of the, if not THE last recording that the late great Bernie Worrell bestowed his heavenly synth smears upon. Don’t sleep on this EP from New York-based, Detroit-raised producer and bassist Bill Laswell.”


Collin Says-

Doing Good - Milky Chance

“What a great arrangement. Groovy with great sonic textures. The guitar line is killer...so funky and tight”

The Sky is A Neighorhood - Foo Fighters

“Heavy, driving and super tight verse parts. Those background vocals are like a droney force of harmony support in the chorus. Love it”

Z Says-

Drama 4 Kathy - Stro Elliot

“Stro lays out his sample at the beginning of this tune, showing us his raw material before chopping it and morphing it into so much more. Bouncy in the style of Dilla, this cut should keep you head-bobbing all day.”

Love Is… - Common

“Speaking of Dilla….this Jay Dee-produced track is a banger. He doesn’t stray too far from the beat, but check out how his bass drum never lands on 1!! As a drummer, I’ve got to give him props for that. A major release from a major MC, and no downbeat. The song is still groovy as all heck though. Respect.”

Album of the Month-

The Killers - Wonderful, Wonderful

“Ok, ok, technically I’m a month late here but I’m still checking the album out. The Killers were such a formative part of my music experience (Hot Fuss is very nearly a PERFECT debut album), and it’s been a blast hearing them kicking it again. The soundscape is familiar, the vibes are classic, but somehow everything seems a bit more updated and relevant to today. Love it.”



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